Visitor's book

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From the guest-book of the Open-reel Tape Recorder Museum:

Mr. Robert L. Atchison, the chairman of the Ampex Co., USA, (in blue jacket), visited the Museum in 2006, and he sent this Byer 66 tape recorder as an admit.
"Very excellent collection. I will try to help with some other info or machines" - he promised in the visitor's book.
This machine is the most scarcity tape recorder of the collection. Probably, there is no one other machine in Europe, like this. Made in Australia, (!) in 1955. Portable studio-machine. Tape speed is 38,1 cm/s. In the relatively little box can be found the mechanics and the amplifier with double vacuum tubes.
Also, there is my grandson in the picture, the sub-director of the Museum.

Bayer 66


"... the everyday life gives less and less interesting things and as I experienced nowdays magnificent items are found only in museums..."
Nobel Laureate Prof. Békésy

" ... The equipment exhibited in the Museum would hold their own everywhere and lovers of music from all the over the world would admire then... "

"This collection is fascinating ! It's speciality is behind the fact, that these equipment provide the music of their own time.
The show and the guide round the Museum was unique experience... "

"It is incredible what we are seeing here! This was unexpected. Fantastic. We are going to tell this in Holland!
Cees & Elly, Hollandia


The Museum is not only a technical exhibit, but also a musical reflection. The recorders are playing music or spoken word representative of the era when they were manufactured.