Byer 66

An Australian studio tape recorder, which Vilmos Nagy, the original collector, received from Robert Atchison, the CEO of Ampex, during his visit to Hungary as a souvenir. The „66” was a semi-professional machine primarily designed for the broadcasting, educational, and governmental markets. Features included a three-motor beltless drive, three heads, and adjustable tape speeds.

It offered built-in AM radio tuner, a remote control usable for STOP, PLAY, and RECORD functions, and an optional adapter unit capable of accommodating reels up to 10½ inches.

The machine had an extremely robust design, almost bulletproof casing. The back of the casing could be unfolded, allowing the tape recorder to be tilted back for comfortable operation and providing ventilation for the electronics. The slanted S-shaped tape path facilitated quick threading.

Its original price in Australia was 245 Australian pounds, which was considered quite high at the time. These recorders were predominantly found in radio stations, schools, and other government institutions.