Nordmende (original name Radio N. Mende GmbH) was founded in Germany in 1923 by Otto Hermann Mende. The company resumed its operations in Bremen in 1947 after its Dresden factory was bombed to rubble during World War II. The company later became known as Norddeutsche Mende-Rundfunk GmbH, shortened to Nordmende.

The Nordmende Titan is an iconic reel-to-reel tape recorder produced by the German company Nordmende. Nordmende was renowned for its high-quality radios, televisions, and audio recording devices. The Titan model was particularly noted for its reliability and sound quality.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Recording and Playback Speeds: The Nordmende Titan could operate at multiple speeds, allowing for recording and playback at various quality levels.
  • Heads: The recorder was equipped with three heads: recording, playback, and erase heads. This configuration ensured clear recordings and playback.
  • Amplifiers: The Titan had built-in amplifiers, enabling direct playback without external speakers, although it could be connected to external amplifiers for enhanced sound quality.
  • Design: The Nordmende Titan featured a robust and aesthetically pleasing design, reflecting German engineering precision and modern design principles.
  • Functionality: The device offered numerous functions, such as auto-stop, fast forward and rewind, and level meters.